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Azerbaijan’s Folk Dances and Traditions in Alaska, USA

Laman Hendricks – Azerbaijani dancer and her tireless effort to promote Azerbaijani national dances and traditions in USA.

Laman Hendricks is an Azerbaijani dancer, choreographer and teacher of Azerbaijani, Georgian and other dance styles, currently living in USA. She also coaches rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics.

Laman Hendricks frequently performs beautiful dances of Azerbaijan and Georgia in various local and international cultural events, festivals and other community festivities where she also promotes the culture, history and traditions of Azerbaijan. She also promotes Azerbaijani culture when she visits middle and high schools where she performs and informs students about Azerbaijan’s history, rich musical and cultural heritage.

Laman was born in Ganja, Azerbaijan where she started classical ballet training at age three.  At age 11 she moved to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Along with gymnastics and classical ballet she studied the national dances of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, India, and many more. In 2012 she moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where she founded Danced of Caucasus.


Laman continued her tireless, valiant effort to promote Azerbaijani national dances in Alaska, USA.

Past Performances:

2016 Fundraising for DeeDee Ann Jonrowe

2016 Fundraising for CRAFT Russian Organization

2016 STAR Fundraising

2016 Bridge Builders Fundraising

2017 Beyond Borders Storytelling

2017 Anchorage Senior Center Performance

2017 Martin Luther King Junior Performance

2017 Chugiak High School Concert for Seniors

2017 Bridge Builders International Day Celebration Performance

2017 Various school performances, lectures, and teaching the Koceri Azerbaijani line dance to students.

2017 Anchorage School District Russian Olympiad

2017 Persian Event by Simourgh  

2017 Sisters Cities Food and Arts Gala


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