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Gabala, a world-famous mountainous region of Azerbaijan, will welcome next edition of the International Jam Festival


Gabala, a world-famous mountainous region of Azerbaijan, will welcome next edition of the International Jam Festival.

Delicious jam producers from country’s 30 regions, as well as Russia, Lebanon, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries will join the festival scheduled for August 26-27.

The visitors will have a chance to taste different types of jams made from cherry, blackberries, strawberries, quinces, walnuts, apricots, rose petals, plums.

The international jury will evaluate the presented products.

The festival will be held with the organizational support of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the executive authority of the Gabala region, the National Cooking Center and Azerbaijan National Culinary Association, Trend Life reported.

The president of the World Association of Culinary Specialists (WACS) Thomas A. Gugler will be the guest of the festival.

Every year, the delicious festival draws in thousands of guests who are eager to taste delicious varieties of Azerbaijani jams, or as it called here “murabba”.

There are different kinds of jams in Azerbaijan which provide us with enough material to put together a book on it. Among them are strawberry, quince, cherry, apricot, rose, blackberry, walnut, plum and even tomato.

It goes very well with both bread and tea at breakfast. It is also used as a filling for pies and added to cakes and pastries.

It is also used for treating colds. Various types of murabba like dogwood, blackberries, and currants – rich with vitamin C – usually serve as treatment for the flu in Azerbaijani households.

By Laman Ismayilova


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