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ASAN Visa system to improve work on developing tourism in Azerbaijan

The launch of the ASAN Visa system in the near future will improve the work on developing tourism in Azerbaijan, as foreign citizens will be able to get visas in three days at the latest, said the country’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev.

Garayev made the remarks during a meeting with representatives of French companies in Baku.

He noted that the tourism industry s one of the priority areas of Azerbaijan’s economy and great progress has been made in this sphere in recent years.

“Rich culture and history, hospitality of our country open great opportunities for developing tourism in Azerbaijan,” said the minister. “The work in this sphere continues, Azerbaijan takes important steps to attract more tourists and simplifies the visa procedures.”

Garayev pointed out that currently, citizens of a number of countries can get visas right at the airport.

Moreover, the citizens of other countries can visit Azerbaijan by getting online tourist visas, he added.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on June 1 signed a decree on simplification of e-visas issuance procedure and the creation of the ASAN Visa system.

The decree was signed in order to simplify procedure for issuing visas to foreigners and stateless persons arriving in Azerbaijan, as well as creation of an e-visa system ensuring transparency and efficiency with the use of modern information technologies.


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