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Naftalan, Azerbaijan – Miracle Oil For All Diseases


Azerbaijan, with its rich natural resources, some of which are considered a remedy of many diseases, can safely be called the curative hub of the region, with its mineral waters and healing mud.

Azerbaijani oil known as “Black Gold” is not only the profitable part in the country’s state budget, but also a source of treatment for many diseases.

Naftalan, a rare type of oil from Azerbaijan, is a thick, black-brown liquid with a specific, aromatic odor, that is used only for medicinal purposes. Azerbaijani doctors have prescribed it for years to successfully treat various skin, joint and bone diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatism.

Located some 360 km west of Baku, the town of Naftalan, where the oil originates, has a special treatment center with unique natural treatments that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Known since ancient times and mentioned in the works of prominent Greece historians Herodotus and Plutarch, Naftalan oil is used for therapeutic baths to treat over 70 illnesses.

Medicine made from Naftalan is used in various types of external and internal treatment. It is used against inflammation as an anaesthetic and disinfectant. As it penetrates the skin, Naftalan accelerates the metabolic process, boosting cell regeneration. It has a calming, cooling and antiseptic effect, relieves joint pain, cures psoriasis, calms the nerves and beautifies the skin.

The type of its application depends on the specific disease and the doctor’s recommendations. For diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, for instance, Naftalan-based medicine is rubbed onto the skin. The oil also helps ultrasound to penetrate more effectively, so it is rubbed onto the skin before ultrasound is applied.

As a resort Naftalan is known since 1926, and today, this wellness center is a modern recreation and rehabilitation center, attracting many tourists with natural factors, achievements of resort medicine, European comfort, Azerbaijani hospitality and affordable prices for tickets combining to make this a unique cultural experience.

2015 turned out very successful for the tourism sector of Naftalan, Head of the information and analysis sector of Naftalan region Executive Power Ulfat Aliyev said.

He emphasized that the Naftalan resort area has become even more better after the reconstruction work in accordance with the State Program on development of resorts in 2014-2018.

Being one of the most ancient resorts in the world, today Naftalan attracts people from all over the planet to experience these oil baths, resembling a chocolate fountain.

The center is able to host more than 2,000 guests and last year Naftalan was visited by tourists from Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Japan, China, UAE and more.

“Modern leisure and health centers have been built in this area. Tourists come to Naftalan not only in spring and summer, but also in the autumn and winter period. Last December some 1,300 tourists visited Naftalan. Every year more and more tourists are interested in this resort,” Aliyev highlighted.

Today Naftalan is one of the ancient resorts in the world and part of the national wealth of Azerbaijan.

The nature of this region is also very rich, characterized by the beauty of its landscapes. Staying in Naftalan you can easily visit the scenic areas of surrounding towns and villages. For instance, you can visit the ancient city Gandja, which is in a 50-minute distance by bus.

One comes to Naftalan not only for good health, but also for bright impressions and good mood for years!

By Amina Nazarli


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