Independence Day marked in Ottawa

Independence Day marked in Ottawa

On Monday, October 17th, the Embassy of Azerbaijan hosted an event at the Embassy to mark the 25th anniversary of the restoration of state independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Ramil Huseynli thanked everyone for attending and made a short speech at the beginning of the event. Diaspora members from Ottawa and Montreal were in attendance.



Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Ramil Huseynli gave an interview to Azerbaijan Star TV in Canada.

Chargé d’Affaires gave an interview to Azerbaijan Star TV

On October 11th, Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Ramil Huseynli gave an interview to Azerbaijan Star TV, of HB Media Group, where he answered questions about the latest economic achievements and challenges of the Republic of Azerbaijan, bilateral economic and political relations between Azerbaijan and Canada, achievements in the trade and tourism fields and the assistance the Embassy can render to the business people of Azerbaijan. He concluded the interview with a message of unity to all Azerbaijanis living in Canada.


Azerbaijan Cultural Day in Alberta

On October 1st, 2016, the Alberta Azerbaijani Cultural Society (ALACS) held the first Azerbaijani Culture Day event in Calgary as part of the Alberta Culture Days program.

The event was funded and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Alberta and the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Canada.

The event’s program featured traditional Azerbaijani dances, including ‘Nakhchivani’, ‘Sari Gelin’, and ‘Lezginka’ dances, performed by members of Calgary Stars dance group, regional fusion music by the band HYMN, a behind-the-scenes presentation on the Azerbaijani movie “Inner City” (“Icher Sheher”) by Tahmina Rafaella, and more. There were exhibitions of Azerbaijani ‘kelagai’, art work by Tahir Ali, sword craftsmanship by Emin Mammadov and a display of traditional Azerbaijani artifacts.

The event also catered to children by offering nail art painting and Robotics for kids by JunioTech Kids Academy. Event participants had an opportunity to sample traditional Azerbaijani pastries, ‘shekerbura’ and ‘paxlava’, and to learn about Azerbaijan’s cultures and values.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Alberta Mr. Ricardo Miranda attended the event. He expressed his gratitude to the members of ALACS and to volunteers for organizing the event.

Alberta Azerbaijani Cultural Society (ALACS)


Alberta Azerbaijani Cultural Society (ALACS) participated in the Calgary Heritage Festival



On August 1st, members of the Alberta Azerbaijani Cultural Society (ALACS) participated in the Calgary Heritage Festival. ALACS set up a booth to represent Azerbaijan at the festival. For the first time, Calgarians had an opportunity to drink tea Azerbaijani style, with lemon and sweets (kata, xurma, halva), play nards (backgammon) and hear about Azerbaijan’s geography, history and traditions. The Azeri Calgary Stars performed an Azerbaijani national dance.

Azerbaijan`s Republic Day marked in Ottawa



Republic Day marked in Ottawa

On Tuesday, May 24th, the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Canada hosted a reception on the occasion of the 98th Independence Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Heads and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Canada, officials from the Canadian government, friends of the Embassy and Azerbaijani Diaspora members from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa attended the event. The Qarabagh Azerbaijan Language School sang the national anthems of Azerbaijan and Canada at the beginning of the event. Following the anthems, Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Ramil Huseynli addressed the audience.

Azerbaijanis living in USA and Canada protest against Armenian military aggression



Azerbaijanis living in USA and Canada protest against Armenians military aggression.

Azerbaijanis in Boston, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Washington DC, Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston protest against Armenian aggression.

The protesters held posters highlighting the truth about the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan condemning the Armenian armed forces` violation of ceasefire and assaults on civilians and demanded that the Armenian armed forces immediately withdraw from Azerbaijan.


Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan which killed many Azerbaijani soldiers and civilians.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly brought to the attention of the international community that the illegal presence of Armenian armed forces in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan remains a main cause for the escalation of situation and continues to pose threat to the regional peace and stability. Armenia, by consistent provocations and escalation of the situation, strengthening of its military build-up in the occupied territories, illegally changing the demographic, cultural and physical character of the seized lands, engaging in unlawful economic and other activities, including transfer of Armenian population into these territories pursues an apparent goal of annexation of Azerbaijan’s territories and consolidating the status-quo, which is unacceptable and unsustainable as it was also stated by the Heads of States of OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

The fundamental basis for the settlement of the conflict is laid down in the United Nations Security Council resolutions 822(1993), 853(1993), 874(1993) and 884(1993) and the U.N. General Assembly resolution 62/243 (2008), which condemn the use of force against Azerbaijan and occupation of its territories and reaffirm the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the inviolability of its internationally recognized borders. In those resolutions, the United Nations reaffirmed that the Nagorno-Karabakh region is an inalienable part of Azerbaijan and demanded immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

The military occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan does not represent a solution and will never produce a political outcome desired by Armenia. The sooner Armenia reconciles with this reality, the earlier the conflict will be resolved and the countries and peoples in the region will benefit from the prospects of cooperation and economic development.

Azerbaijan calls the international community to demand from Armenia to cease the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories, to withdraw its troops from all seized lands and to engage constructively in the conflict settlement process in accordance with the requirements of relevant resolutions of the UNSC and the norms and principles of international law.

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Children’s Art Exhibition in remembrance of Khojaly Genocide held in Toronto

Children’s Art Exhibition in remembrance of Khojaly Genocide held in Toronto

On Saturday, February 28th, the children’s art exhibition titled “Khojaly, No to War!”, organized by the Veten Art and Culture Centre, with support of the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Canada, was held at the University of Toronto. Consul of the Embassy, Mr. Faig Babayev, attended the event and informed the guests on the Khojaly massacre during a short speech. The art exhibition featured artwork, which commemorated the Khojaly tragedy, done by children aged 6-9 from the Veten Art and Culture Centre in Toronto, and high school students in Baku, which was provided by the ADDIM Youth Organization.

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Canada


Black January Commemoration in Ottawa

Black January Commemoration in Ottawa

On January 19th, the Embassy of Azerbaijan hosted an event to commemorate the tragic events of Black January, which took place on January 20th, 1990. Some members of the Azerbaijani Diaspora gathered at the Embassy to remember the fallen martyrs. The commemoration began with Chargé d’Affaires Mr. Ramil Huseynli addressing the guests. Following the address, pictures depicting the tragedy and the film “Bloody January” were on display.

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Canada


Meet Nikki Salimova – Azerbaijani Figure Scater in Calgary, Canada

Success of Azerbaijani figure skater on Canadian ice.

Combining her professionalism in sports with promotion of her culture is one of the key features of the Azerbaijani figure skater Nikki Salimova who lives with her family in Calgary, Canada. In her 15 years, she’s managed to get several awards in figure skating, continuously excel in school and properly promote Azerbaijani music in front of Canadian public.

Nikki Salimova  was born in 2000 in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was only a year-and-a-half old when she moved to London with her family. Having lived in the United Kingdom for seven years, Salimovs emigrated to Canada. The North American country, famous for its winter sports became the point of departure for Nikki’s career in figure skating.

Nikki started skating at the age of 9. In less than three years she completed gold levels in all categories of figure skating. Since 2013 she got qualified for participation in Canadian Nationals Championships in ice dance two years in a row. During this time, Nikki became a novice level Alberta Sectional Silver Medallist in ice dance and the Silver Medallist in ice dance and pattern dance at 2014 Minto Competition in Ottawa.

Nikki is the first Azerbaijani who qualified and competed at Canadian National Championships and at 2015 Canada Winter Games. As part of the free-skate program for pre-novice level, her mother Mehri Salimova and Nikki chose waltz “Seven Beauties Waltz” by the great Azerbaijani composer Gara Garayev. The program itself was choreographed by her coach in Calgary.

Apart from her achievements in skating, Nikki excels in school. She’s been recognized as ‘top honors with distinction’ student. Among her favorite subjects are math, biology and chemistry. She also participates in debates and regional speech tournaments. As an aspiring figure skater, Nikki works part time as Assistant Coach at Calgary Gymnastics Center training young athletes to do their best in selected sports.

In addition to her passion in figure skating, and busy schedule including school and part time work, Nikki also manages to volunteer at Salvation Army’s program to help children with low income families and other charity initiatives. Finally, she’s one of the key dancers at “Azerbaijan Heritage Dance Academy” directed by her mother in Calgary where Nikki and her friends help Azerbaijani kids learn Azerbaijani national dances. Utilizing her potential and skills in sports, Nikki Salimova promotes Azerbaijani culture and traditions at various festivals and international events.

Nikki plans to graduate from school cum laude and get admitted at a university to continue her education. She currently considers various options for universities and is particularly interested in psychology, law and science.



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