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The 71st Anniversary of the United States Air Force was celebrated in Baku

The 71st anniversary of the US Air Force was celebrated in Baku, the US embassy in Baku said in a message on Sept. 20.

Military attache of the embassy, Colonel Adam Kavlick greeted the guests and spoke about the military cooperation between the US and Azerbaijan.

In 2017, Azerbaijan was a strong counterterrorism partner to the United States, the US State Department said in its Country Reports on Terrorism 2017.

“Azerbaijan’s government actively worked to detect and defeat terrorist efforts to move people, money, and materials across its land and maritime borders and within the South Caucasus,” said the report.

The State Department noted that Azerbaijani law enforcement and security services conducted operations to disrupt and prevent terror attacks, arrested and prosecuted suspected terrorists.

“Azerbaijan also continued supporting North Atlantic Treaty Organization counterterrorism initiatives as one of the Alliance’s Partnership for Peace countries. Azerbaijan continued efforts to improve Afghan security and stability by co-chairing the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process; as its co-Chair, Azerbaijan hosted senior officials’ meetings and a Ministerial Conference,” said the report.

Azerbaijan also hosted a working group meeting that highlighted the role of narcotics traffickers in financing terrorism, said the State Department.



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