Azerbaijan Airlines New Campaign Due to Novruz Holiday – Baku – New York Baku


Azerbaijan Airlines ,AZAL, announced the launch of a new campaign due to Novruz holiday.

During the national spring holiday Novruz, discounts will be applied to air tickets on a number of destinations.

The campaign is applied to the following destinations (the full cost of the air ticket, including taxes and fees):

Baku – New York – Baku – 599 EUR

Baku – Milan – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Paris – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Prague – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Berlin – Baku – 299 EUR

Baku – Dubai – Baku – 199 EUR

Air ticket sales period within the campaign: March 16-31, 2017

Flights period: April 1– May 6, 2017

The number of air tickets on discounts is limited.

Air tickets can be booked on the website of the company, purchased at AZAL sales offices and official sales agencies.

Azerbaijan Airlines is offering discount up to 20 percent on Baku-New York – Baku flights for those willing to book by January 15, 2017

To score a deal, you’ll need to book by January 15, 2017 (Departure January 15 – March 15, 2017)


Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) announced a new campaign.

A discount of up to 20 percent will be applied while buying round-trip air tickets in the period from December 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017 on the following destinations when departing from / to Baku: London, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Beijing , Dubai and New York. Departure period: January 15 – March 15, 2017.

Air tickets can be booked on the website of the company, purchased at AZAL sales offices and official sales agencies. Points for the flight may be credited automatically in case AZAL Miles member unique number will be entered in the appropriate filed while purchasing online.


Azerbaijan Airlines has announced the launch of a new campaign due to Novruz holiday

AZAL AirlinesAzerbaijan Airlines has announced the launch of a new campaign due to Novruz holiday.

During the national spring holiday Novruz, anyone can buy two air tickets of the economy or business class for the price of one.

The campaign applies to round-trip tickets from Baku/ to Baku in the following directions: London, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Beijing and New York. The cost for the second air ticket will not be charged, except for administrative fees.

Sales period within the campaign is March 18 – 27, 2016. Flights period is April 1 – May 31, 2016.

Air tickets purchased within the campaign should be of the same flight and class. According to the terms of the campaign, air tickets can only be exchanged together.

Tickets can be booked on the website of the company and purchased at AZAL sales offices.

To purchase tickets and for more information, please contact: + (99412) 598-88-80 or *8880. E-mail:

Azerbaijan Airlines is a major air carrier and one of the leaders of the aviation community of CIS countries. AZAL with the newest airplane fleets, consisting of 25 airplanes, does not have a single old plane.

Being an important member of the International Civil Aviation Organization Council, for its services AZAL received a prestigious “4 Stars” from the leader in air transport research, the world-famous British consulting company Skytrax last June.


Новая акция AZAL «1+1» – купи один билет, получи второй бесплатно

AZAL“Азербайджанские Авиалинии” (AZAL) объявляют о старте новой акции, приуроченной к празднику Новруз.

В период национального весеннего праздника “Новруз”, любой желающий сможет приобрести два билета эконом- либо бизнес-класса по цене одного.

Акция распространяется на билеты “туда-обратно” по следующим направлениям из/в Баку: Лондон, Париж, Берлин, Тель-Авив, Пекин, а также Нью-Йорк. Плата за второй билет не взимается, за исключением административных сборов.

Период продаж авиабилетов в рамках акции: 18 – 27 марта 2016 года
Период полетов: 1 апреля – 31 мая 2016 года

Авиабилеты, приобретаемые в рамках акции, должны относиться к одному и тому же рейсу, а также классу перелета. Согласно условиям акции, авиабилеты могут быть обменены только совместно.

Билеты можно забронировать и приобрести в кассах AZAL и на сайте компании







Новогодние скидки от AZAL:Нью-Йорк – Баку – Нью-Йорк – от 549 долларов США


Новогодние скидки от AZAL.

“Азербайджанские Авиалинии” в преддверии Дня солидарности азербайджанцев мира и Нового года объявляют о скидках на международные перелеты.

Об этом передает Day.Az со ссылкой на Trend.

Направления и цены на авиабилеты, которые можно приобрести в рамках кампании:

Баку – Лондон – Баку – от 329 евро;

Лондон – Баку – Лондон – от 269 фунтов стерлингов;

Баку – Милан – Баку – от 329 евро;

Баку – Париж – Баку – от 349 евро;

Баку – Нью-Йорк – Баку – от 499 евро;

Нью-Йорк – Баку – Нью-Йорк – от 549 долларов США;

Баку – Прага – Баку – от 329 евро;

Прага – Баку – Прага – от 359 долларов США;

Баку – Тель-Авив – Баку – от 299 евро;

Тель-Авив – Баку – Тель-Авив – от 329 долларов США;

Баку – Львов – Баку – от 289 евро;

Львов – Баку – Львов – от 319 долларов США;

Баку – Казань – Баку – от 209 евро;

Баку – Санкт-Петербург – Баку – от 279 евро.

Продажа билетов в рамках новогодней акции начнется 10 декабря 2015 года и продлится до 10 января 2016 года, период вылетов – с 15 января по 29 февраля 2016 года.

Напомним, что с 1 августа “Азербайджанские Авиалинии” для всех пассажиров снизили на 20-30% действующие тарифы эконом-класса на всех международных направлениях

Билеты можно забронировать и приобрести в кассах AZAL и на сайте компании


AZAL Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines carried out first Baku-New York-Baku flight on Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

AZAL AirlinesAzerbaijan Airlines carried out first Baku-New York-Baku flight on Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner on November 7.

The flight took from the Heydar Aliyev International Airport Baku at 7.00 in the morning and landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York in 11 hours 50 minutes.

AZAL’s customers enjoy three service classes on this route including 157 seats for Economy Class, 35 seats for Business Class and 18 seats for Luxe Class.

Baku-New York-Baku flights are scheduled twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays, departing from Baku at 06:00 (local time) and arriving in New York at 09:30 (local time). Departures from New York to Baku will be carried out on the same days of the week at 11:30 (local time).

Direct flights between the two cities were started September 24, 2014, and was the first flight traveling from South Caucasus to North America. This earlier flight was carried out by an Airbus-340 aircraft designed for long-haul routes.

Tickets are available at AZAL ticket offices and at the airline website As part of the flight, passengers can participate in the AZAL Miles bonus program. Information about the program can be found at

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is a new aircraft combining the latest technical advances. The aircraft meets the highest safety standards and is advantageous for operation. The aircrafthas already made a transatlantic flight test and received all the necessary permissions to operate.

In addition to improved aerodynamics, advanced engine technology, better fuel efficiency and lower overall operating costs, the 787 will feature a state-of-the-art onboard travel experience.



AZAL – Azerbaijan’s largest airline, cuts ticket prices

New York – Baku – 21% price reduction.

AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines) – one of the best airlines in the world cuts ticket prices.

Azerbaijan’s largest airline, AZAL, has published details of its new tariffs on international flights.

The airline reported on July 27 that it has conducted the appropriate analysis of existing tariffs of economy class on all international flights and adopted a decision to reduce them by 20-30 percent starting August 1, 2015.

The passengers can book and purchase tickets for all flights of AZAL online at ( This will allow the passengers to receive detailed information about seat availability and tariffs, as well as purchase tickets directly from AZAL at lower prices.

azal_logoAZAL, being a major air carrier and one of the leaders in the aviation community among CIS countries, flies to 40 destinations in 19 countries and served more than 1.8 million people in 2014.

The Azerbaijani civil aviation industry fully meets the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and AZAL is a member of the most prestigious civil aviation association – the International Air Transport Association.

AZAL received “4 Stars” from the leader in air transport research, world-famous British consulting company Skytrax in June 2015.

At the same time, the Azerbaijani national carrier was nominated for Skytrax’s “World Airline Award” in the category “World Airline that achieved most progress.”

The company has one of the newest airplane fleets in the world, consisting of 25 airplanes. It is headquartered at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku. Due to its favorable geographical location, Heydar Aliyev International Airport has become number one in the region for flight transfers between East and West, North and South.



AZAL offers European Games guests big discount for all flights in 2015

AzalAzerbaijan Airlines, Azerbaijan’s biggest airline and national flag carrier, has announced a special campaign for the citizens of foreign countries, who have passed accreditation for the first European Games to be held in Baku on June 12-28.

By presenting an accreditation badge for the first European Games, the citizens of foreign countries can purchase tickets for the AZAL flights worldwide with a 50 percent discount till the end of 2015.

“We offer our guests to keep the accreditation cards and take advantage of this opportunity to visit Azerbaijan again,” the company said.

Azerbaijan Airlines, the official sponsor of the Baku 2015 European Games, makes more than 16,000 international flights from Azerbaijan to 38 cities worldwide annually.

Aside from the five cities of Azerbaijan (Baku, Ganja, Lankaran, Nakhchivan and Sumgait), AZAL has offices in London (UK), Paris (France), Berlin and Frankfurt (Germany), Milan and Rome (Italy) Barcelona (Spain), Prague (Czech Republic), New York (USA), Beijing (China), Seoul (Korea), Ankara and Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai (UAE), Tehran and Tabriz (Iran), Tel Aviv (Israel), Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm and Rostov-on-Don (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Kiev (Ukraine), Aktau (Kazakhstan), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).


From New York to Baku with AZAL’s direct flights.

AZAL will take you non stop to Baku, Azerbaijan from New York with brand new comfortable aircrafts and legendary Azerbaijani hospitality.

Baku - New York - Baku from Azal

US citizens traveling by the New York – Baku direct flight on AZAL are eligible to obtain Azerbaijani visa upon arrival at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku.