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“Louisiana Jazz Ensemble” will perform at the International Mugham Center in Baku

Baku’s residents and guests will have a chance to enjoy the vibrant, syncopated and lyrical jazz music as “Louisiana Jazz Ensemble” will perform at the International Mugham Center on May 24.

The ensemble’s visit to Baku will take place at the invitation of ADA University. The concert will be held with the support of the International Mugham Center, Trend Life reported.

Another concert will be held at the ADA University on May 26.

“Louisiana Jazz Ensemble”  was founded by Fred Starr. A founding member of The Ensemble, Dr. Starr played the Mississippi riverboats beginning in 1957 and is the biographer of New Orleans’ premier composer, Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

David Boeddinghaus (piano) is a graduate of Indiana Conservatory and performs with Leon Redbone and Banu Gibson. In addition to regular appearances in New Orleans, he frequently plays major halls in Europe and Asia.

John Joyce (drums) is a Juilliard-trained musicologist and editor of The Jazz Archivist at Tulane University in New Orleans. He edited the works of Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band of the 1920s.

Fred Lonzo (trombon) is the leading exponent of the New Orleans “tailgate” style of trombone playing.

Robert Nunez (tuba) is a fourth generation New Orleans jazzman. His great grandfather, Alcide Nunez was playing jazz befoere 1910. Classically trained Robert is tubist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

John Parker (banjo) is student of LRJE founding member John Chaffe and grandson of Chaffe’s teacher, Dr. Edmond Souchon.  Parker is a master of the rare six-stringed banjo.

Charlie Fardella (cornet) has recorded with the LRJE over two decades. His pure cornet tone and vast knowledge of the repertoire are unrivaled.

Duke Heitger (trumpet) has established himself as a virtuoso trumpeter specializing in the repertoire of the early new Orleans players.

Tom Fischer (alto sax and clarinet) fronts a small group of his own when not with the LRJE.

By Laman Ismayilova





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