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Book on Khojaly genocide presented in California

American journalist Raoul Contreras’s book on Khojaly genocide and the Nagorno-Karabakh was presented in California, Day. az reported. 

The book titled “Murder in the Mountains” was presented in Warwick’s bookstore, one of the oldest bookstores of the United States. 

Contreras, addressing the event, said he faced during his research the facts on occupation of twenty percent of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia and ethnic cleansing and other crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis. 

He also spoke about cruelties against Azerbaijanis during Khojaly genocide and facts revealed during the meetings with survived Azerbaijanis, who became victims of these events. 

Khojaly, the second largest town in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, came under intense fire from the towns of Khankendi and Askeran already occupied by the Armenian armed forces in 1992. 

About 613 civilians mostly women and children were killed in the massacre, and a total of 1,000 people were disabled. Eight families were exterminated, 25 children lost both parents, and 130 children lost one parent. Moreover, 1,275 innocent people were taken hostage, and the fate of 150 of them remains unknown. 

The author also informed the audience about the history of Armenian terrorism, terrorist acts committed in Azerbaijan, U.S. and other countries and informed the participants about radical Armenian lobby in the U.S. and damages to U.S. national interests by this lobby. 

This is the first book on Khojaly genocide published in the U.S. and put up for sale. Published by the U.S. Floricanto Press, the book was put up for sale on, Barnes & Noble and other e-bookstores. It’s also possible to buy this book in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and other countries. 

For over two decades, Azerbaijan and Armenia have been locked in conflict, which emerged over Armenian territorial claims. Since a lengthy war in the early 1990s. 

Armenian armed forces have occupied over 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territory, including Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent regions. 

The UN Security Council has adopted four resolutions on Armenia’s withdrawal from the Azerbaijani territory, but they have not been enforced to this day.

By Laman Ismayilova



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