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Armenian armed units continue to keep residential settlements under intense fire

Despite Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to restore ceasefire on April 5, the Armenian armed units on April 26-27 kept positions of the Azerbaijani army as well as residential settlements near the line of contact under intense fire using large-caliber weapons, mortars, grenade launchers and tanks.

According to local executive authorities, starting from 23.00 on April 27 to 04.00 on April 28, the Armenian armed forces kept residential settlements under severe fire using large-caliber weapons, seriously damaging 58 houses in 10 residential settlements, two schools and non-residential facilities in Tartar region.

Resident of the Chamanli village, Aghdam region, Mustafayev Ali Famil, who was born in 1966, died, while four civilians received severe and four minor wounds. Ten houses in four residential settlements were fully destroyed, while 40 houses were damaged. As a result of fire some non-residential facilities, property of residents became useless, with farms being seriously damaged.

One house in Aghjabadi region burnt, while two houses, one auxiliary construction, property and local farms were seriously damaged.

Starting from April 2, as a result of the Armenian armed units` firing from large-caliber weapons a number of residential settlements, property and farms of residents have been seriously damaged, some civilians have been killed and some wounded. In general, 97 shells have fallen in 34 residential settlements, three civilians have been killed in Tartar region and two civilians in Aghdam region, while 34 civilians have been wounded. Eighteen of them were from Aghdam, eight from Tartar, six from Goranboy, one from Fuzuli and one from Aghjabadi. Sixteen civilians have been wounded as a result of the Armenian armed units` firing since the sides called truce on April 5.

In general, 457 constructions have been damaged, including 109 in Aghdam, 259 in Tartar and 85 in Goranboy. Eighty-two damaged houses were situated in the territory of Aghdam, 248 in Tartar, 79 in Goranboy and three in Aghjabadi regions. Twenty-six houses have been fully destroyed, and others have been seriously damaged. Some 98 houses have been seriously damaged, and 12 have been fully destroyed since the agreement on ceasefire was reached.

As a result of the Armenians` firing, 18 non-residential facilities, including schools, medical centers, kindergartens, culture houses and etc., as well as 27 auxiliary constructions have been seriously damaged. Some 309 heads of cattle have been annihilated.

Cultivated areas in residential settlements in Aghdam, Tartar, Goranboy, Fuzuli and Aghjabadi regions near the line of contact as well as infrastructure facilities, including power, water, gas and communication lines, as well as roads have been seriously damaged too.


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