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Provocative actions of the Armenians still continue

Armenian vandalism.

As many as 34 towns and villages along the contact line between the Armenian and Azerbaijani troops were fired at, a lot of civilians, including children were killed and wounded in the result of an Armenian attack and the subsequent strikes starting from April 2, 2016.

Serious damage was inflicted to private and public property. As many as 353 civil buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged, some 314 of which are private houses, three schools, three kindergartens, one cultural center and catering building.

Also, the Armenians raft mines via the Gargar River to the frontline villages. Five anti-personnel mines were discovered and defused on the Gargar River section, which passes through the Afatli village of Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district.

Provocative actions of the Armenians still continue, the ceasefire regime is daily violated, the settlements of compact residence of civilian population are subjected to intensive shelling with the use of heavy artillery and large caliber weapons.


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