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Graceful Gazelles of Shirvan

Azerbaijan Gazelles

Graceful gazelles are considered as one of the most beautiful animals in the world and are beloved animals in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of those lucky regions where these wonderful animals dwell. Their fossils are found in the South Caucasus in the upper Miocene period, aged about 2 million years ago.

The image of the gazelle has widely entered the culture and literature of the country. The unusual beauty of their eyes has inspired poets and singers. Jeyran, the Azerbaijani word for gazelle, is a symbol in the country of natural beauty, grace and purity. The gazelle is a protected species in Azerbaijan.

Humans hunting and a large number of wolves negatively affected the race of these charming animals. Fortunately, thanks to the “Reintroduction of gazelles to their historical habitat areas in Caucasus” project launched in 2010, some promising measures have been adopted to increase the number of this animal.

Currently in Azerbaijan, there is an increase in gazelles’ population, which returned to the historical habitat territory. Earlier, some 150 gazelles were returned to their historical territories as part of the four-year project.




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