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Baku prepares for Formula 1 Grand Prix

BakuOldCityPreparations for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, to be held in Azerbaijan in 2016, are on schedule, according to the Baku Grand Prix company.

The urban highway project in the center of Baku has been designed by Hermann Tilke’s architectural firm.

The repair work will consist of several stages, Baku Grand Prix said. The main road construction work is planned for 2016.

The project has already been prepared and submitted to the International Automobile Federation. Once the project is approved, construction work will begin.

The competitions in Baku will be distinguished by their uniqueness, as the Azerbaijani capital, along with Monaco and Singapore, will each host a street circuit.

The Baku race will overlap Seaside Boulevard and make a circle around the Old City, a national historical and architectural preserve and the most ancient part of Baku.

Thus, spectators and guests can observe the entire city during these competitions. Taking into account that Formula 1 is one of the world’s most popular television, the broadcasts will display the streets of Baku to the world.

The length of the route in Baku will be 6 km with 8 right and 12 left turns. The speed on the track will reach 340 km/h.

There will be an extremely narrow uphill section at the old town wall that will reward pinpoint accuracy and courage, and an acceleration section that will extend nearly 2.2km along the promenade where cars will be seen going at high top speeds. This is expected to create an incredible spectacle for race fans on the track and the viewers at home.

The track will start and finish near Government House and covers all the landmarks of the capital city, medieval Old City, modern iconic skyline, and spectacular views across the Caspian Sea.

Earlier, the CEO of Tilke Engineering, Hermann Tilke said he is absolutely thrilled up by the Baku European Grand Prix project.

“We have created a challenging street circuit, in terms of engineering and design, and one that thrives on Baku’s very attractive urban atmosphere and its great combination of history and 21st century style. The historic city centre, the beautiful seaside promenade and the impressive government house all are combined in a way to provide the perfect backdrop for a spectacular new track,” he said.

Formula One, the world’s fastest motorsport championship is already very popular in Azerbaijan as a spectator sport.

A National F1 team?

Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov earlier said the active support of the young drivers should be expected.

“Of course, we would like to see stages [of the F1] held under our flag, to have our drivers participating, teams and sponsors. We see a great potential in this project,” he said.

The minister expressed assurance that Azerbaijan would be interested in participating in the most prestigious racing series.

As for the stage in 2016, he expects more than 11,000 foreign fans arriving in Baku.

Azerbaijan is expected to spend between $66 to $86 million on the organization of the first stage.

Baku has deep experiences in hosting international motor racing and has been hosting racing series for the past two years. This year, the Baku World Challenge will take place on November 1-2.


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