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Baku 2015 European Games has been recognized for its exceptional new branding by a major international design website

Design Week has named the new look of the inaugural European Games which was launched in August as one of the biggest rebrands of 2014 alongside several other high-profile companies.

The brand was developed by Baku 2015 European Games Operations Committees’ design team alongside renowned agency SomeOne, who are based in London.

Mr Simon Clegg, Baku 2015 Chief Operating Officer, said: “I would like to congratulate everyone who worked on the rebrand, which is already immediately identifiable with the inaugural European Games and has also brightened up the city streets here in Baku.

“The recognition by Design Week is a great achievement and helps to raise awareness of the European Games around the world.”

Inspired by the natural beauty of Baku, the striking rebrand will feature on venues, tickets, uniforms and all official merchandising of the inaugural European Games.

Central to the new brand is the pomegranate tree, which symbolises unity in Azerbaijani folklore. Interwoven with the branches of the tree are historical symbols of the country’s heritage and culture, along with eye-catching pictograms of the different sports and disciplines.

Mr Charlie Wijeratna, Commercial Director of Baku 2015, said: “The colourful brand is central to the marketing activity that will help to promote the European Games globally.

“We are very proud of our work that is already recognised instantly as being innovative and representative of Baku 2015.”



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