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U.S to allocate $ 16.3 million to programs in Azerbaijan this year

The U.S. Department of State proposed to allocate $16.3 million to programs in Azerbaijan this year. Though the U.S. Department of State allocated $20.8 million to Azerbaijani programs last year, the amount has been cut this year, APA reports.

The U.S assists different countries to encourage reforms that promote regional security and the development of key democratic institutions each year.

$4.3 million of the aid will be devoted to support peace and security programs, $8 million to programs on justice and democratic development, $4 million to support economic development programs in Azerbaijan.

The U.S. is also proposing to cut State Department aid to the Caucasus. Georgia would remain the largest U.S. aid recipient in the region, though its assistance package would drop from $85 million last year to $68.7 million this year. Armenia’s aid would decrease from $44.3 million to $36.6 million.

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