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Report on destruction by Armenians of Azerbaijani historical, cultural monuments presented

A report on the facts of destruction and desecration of religious, historical and cultural monuments of Azerbaijan by Armenia has been presented at the Center for Analysis of International Relations and Communication, Trend reports.

Presenting the report, Chairman of the Organization for the Protection of Cultural Monuments Public Association Faig Ismayilov noted that the Armenians completely destroyed historical monuments.

“As a result of the aggression by Armenia against Azerbaijan, 2,645 historical and cultural, 1,814 architectural, 747 archaeological monuments, 64 garden and park monuments, 23 museums, 102,757 museum exhibits, 4 state galleries, 376 paintings. In addition, the Armenians destroyed 4.6 million books, 13 archives, 260,000 archived documents were destroyed in the occupied territories. They also destroyed and appropriated hunting and household items (carpets, rugs, khurjuns, belts, etc.) belonging to the personal collections of over 50,000 citizens,” said Ismayilov.

Ismayilov also added that the Armenians destroyed and razed to the grounds the gravestones in the cemeteries of the occupied territories, tombs, and other sanctuaries.

Source: Trend

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