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Elin Suleymanov: “Independent Azerbaijan is best tribute to sacrifice of those who died during January 20 events”

The events of January 20, 1990 helped crystalize key elements of the Azerbaijani social and political identity, Trend reports citing an article by Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the US Elin Suleymanov.

The author notes that despite a history of imperial domination, the people of Azerbaijan persevered, sacrificed and ultimately won the freedom and independent future they sought. In fact, Azerbaijan was the first nation of the Soviet Empire or Eastern Europe to become free of any foreign military presence on its soil, added the ambassador.

“In today’s world, where differences seem to matter more than common humanity, Azerbaijan’s vision of inclusive intercultural dialogue enriched by the experience of creating in 1918 the first-ever democratic republic with a predominantly Muslim population sets a valuable global example.

It is a truly independent, successful and diverse Azerbaijan that is the best tribute to the sacrifice of those who died on the streets of Baku at the hands of a collapsing Soviet regime, said the diplomat.

He pointed out that independence has given Azerbaijan the ability to act in the best interest of its own people without outside interference.

Source: AzerNews

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