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Microsoft offers special terms to Azerbaijani state agencies for using its solutions

Azerbaijani state agencies have been offered special terms for using Microsoft’s software solutions, Sarkhan Hashimov, head of Microsoft Azerbaijan, told reporters in Baku Oct. 29.

He said that Azintelecom LLC is a partner in this project, and the company will soon begin issuing and integrating software products in the state agencies.

He also pointed to a positive trend to reduce software piracy in Azerbaijan.

“According to the information from the International Data Corporation (IDC) for 2015, the level of software piracy was 84 percent,” he added. “This includes software solutions not only from Microsoft, but also from other vendors. In the latest IDC information for 2017, we see that there are certain improvements, and thanks to our cooperation with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, this figure dropped to 81 percent. We aim to further improve this indicator.”

Source: AzerNews


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