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Azerbaijani appointed new art director to Google

Azerbaijani director, artist and journalist Royal Pashayev has been appointed art director of the American transnational public corporation Google.

The artist will create ideas for new Google projects, reported.

Royal Pashaev was born on December 25, 1985 in Ganja. For a long time he lived with his parents in Ukraine, but after graduating from high school in Ukraine he moved to Baku and in 2003 started working as a journalist. In 2004 he entered Odlar Yurdu University and got his graduate degree in journalism. In 2007 he founded H.O.S.T. movement with his friends, and was the manager, art director, director of music videos/clips of the eponymous music band.

In 2015, he presented his art-project “Magdalena”. He portrayed different famous women in hijab. The main inspiration of art-project comes from the sentence “Let the one of you that is sinless be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Source: AzerNews

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