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‘Boogie man’ by Steven Seagal and EMIN [VIDEO]

The idea of this musical duet came after EMIN and Steven agreed that both love the blues. Also Steven Seagal himself is a blues guitarist.
“We both do love music. We decided that it would be great to try to do something together. It’s our musical experiment. We recorded this cult song «Boogie man» and shot the video, “- said EMIN.
“Song «Boogie man» is one of the best blues songs. I often play it on my tours. I suggested Emin and he agreed. I’m sure everyone will like our work,” – commented Steven Seagal.

By the way Emin is pleased to present new album of Russian-language duets, “Forgive Me, My Love.” But the track “Boogie man” with Steven Seagal is also included in it as a special present for fans.


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