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US Ambassador to Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan has wonderful history

Azerbaijan has a wonderful history both in terms of its art, its architecture and in terms of traditions, the US ambassador to Azerbaijan, Robert Cekuta, told reporters on November 7.
He pointed out that jointly with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, officials, and experts in the country’s Guba region, the US embassy is working on the project for restoring the 18th century hammam (bath).
“We are very pleased to work with national authorities in Azerbaijan, with local authorities here on restoring the 18th century hammam,” noted the ambassador.
Cekuta pointed out that this project is a good opportunity to help boost tourism, economic development and awareness of the rich history of Guba, where Jews and Muslims have for a long time lived together in harmony.
The US ambassador went on to add that many officials coming from Washington to Azerbaijan wished to visit Guba.
One of them is the former special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs at the US Department of State, Amos Hochstein, but his visit was impossible due to his busy schedule, Cekuta said.


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