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Azerbaijan simplifies issuance of permanent residence permit

The requirements for issuing permits to foreign citizens and stateless persons for permanent residence in the territory of Azerbaijan are changing.
In this regard, the Migration Code is being amended and according to the proposed amendments the following documents are not required: certificate of the composition of the family (indicating the names, surnames, year of birth, occupation, place of residence or stay of family members); a notarized copy of the marriage certificate; if there is a professional specialization for foreign citizens and stateless persons, a notarized copy of the documents confirming this fact.
In addition, to issue a work permit, copies of the documents granting the right to stay in the territory of Azerbaijan to foreign citizens and stateless persons located on the territory of the country on other grounds will not be required.
Foreign citizens and stateless persons who temporarily reside in the territory of Azerbaijan for at least 2 years may apply for a permanent residence permit, which is given in the following cases: close relations with a citizen of Azerbaijan; investing in the economy of the country at least 500,000 manats ($294,120); presence on the territory of Azerbaijan of real estate worth at least 100,000 manats ($58,820) or a contribution in this amount in banks of Azerbaijan; being a highly qualified specialist in economy, industry, defense, science, culture, sports and other fields; presence of foreign nationals or stateless persons of family members temporarily or permanently residing in the territory of Azerbaijan; occupation of the position of the head of the branch and representative office of a foreign legal entity in Azerbaijan and the position of his deputy and engaging in entrepreneurial activities in Azerbaijan.
Accommodation without registration, as well as illegal stay of foreigners and stateless persons in the territory of Azerbaijan, entails responsibility in accordance with the norms of the Code on Administrative offences of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan’s State Statistics Committee reported that the number of arrivals to Azerbaijan for permanent residence is almost twice as large as the number of those who left the country.



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