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U.S. appreciates Azerbaijan’s efforts in combating trafficking


Azerbaijan makes significant efforts in the direction of combating trafficking.
This is stated in the U.S. Department of State’s report on combating trafficking in human beings for 2017, which assesses the situation in 188 countries around the world.
Azerbaijan remains in the general second category (Tier 2), which means that the country is making significant efforts in the direction of combating trafficking.
The government of Azerbaijan demonstrated increasing efforts by prosecuting and convicting more traffickers and identifying more victims. The government increased funds for victim protection and the state-run shelter, according to the report.
Human trafficking is one of the most immoral crimes, turning men, women and children from all around the world into victims each day, destroying their lives, dreams, and futures.
Azerbaijan actively combats the trafficking in persons for sexual slavery, forced labor, or commercial sexual exploitation. The Government implements a range of measures to combat against all spheres of human trafficking inside the country.
Earlier, the EU and Azerbaijan joined their efforts on combating human trafficking.
As many as 486 traffickers were brought to justice in Azerbaijan over the past 12 years. In Azerbaijan, less than one percent of crimes committed during the year are crimes related to trafficking in human beings.
Out of 26,916 criminal cases in 2015, only 128 crimes were related to human trafficking. For more than 12 years 1,078 criminal cases on human trafficking were investigated, 486 persons were brought to responsibility, 761 victims of this crime were identified.

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