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Sister-city relationship between Lankaran, Azerbaijan and Monterey, California

montereyazerbaijanThe City of Monterey in California has enjoyed a robust sister-city relationship with the City of Lankaran in Azerbaijan since 2011. This year marks the 5th anniversary of the partnership. In order to discuss the opportunities for further expansion of this friendship, the Economic and Cultural Affairs officer of Azerbaijan’s Consulate General in Los Angeles Ramin Aliyev visited Monterey on December 26-28, at the invitation of the City of Monterey.

During the visit, Ramin Aliyev met with Mayor of Monterey Clyde Roberson, City Councilmember Alan Haffa, former City Councilmember and co-founder of Monterey-Lankaran relationship Nancy Selfridge, Agricultural Commissioner Eric Lauritzen, Salinas City Councilmember Steve McShane, Old Monterey Business Association Executive Director Rick Johnson, Cannery Row Company, Executive Director Mike Zimmerman, Monterey Bay Technologies, Inc. CEO Yavuz Atila, and Monterey Symphony President Lee E. Rosen.

Aliyev also met with Farkhad Khudyev, member of the local Azerbaijani community, who has held since 2012 the position of music director and conductor of the Monterey County Youth Orchestra.

At the invitation of the influential Kiwanis Club of Monterey, Ramin Aliyev also addressed the Club members with a presentation titled “Azerbaijan: Land of Hope, Tolerance and Inspiration”. In his presentation, Aliyev spoke about Azerbaijan’s rich history and culture, well-entrenched traditions of interfaith tolerance and multiculturalism, its steady development as an independent nation since 1991, as well as economic and other reforms currently undertaken by the government to continue the country’s modernization. The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.

The Consulate General is looking forward to materializing the ideas discussed during the visit in order to further strengthen the mutually beneficial
relationship with Monterey.

Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles


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