Azerbaijani composer Arzu Abbasova has won the 4th MuSE Young Composers Competition held in New York


Young Azerbaijani composer Arzu Abbasova has won the 4th MuSE Young Composers Competition held in New York, the USA.

Arzu , a graduate of the music school named after Sharoyev in Baku, had presented her composition “Pole Star” at the competition of the young composers, Azertac reported.

The winners’ works will be performed as part of Sounds of Arts Festival (SOAF) on November 19 at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY. SOAF is MuSE’s annual week-long arts festival.

Arzu composed Pole Star in 2015. The composition won “Rodniki dushi” competition, which was co-organized by Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Russian Embassy in Baku this April.

Arzu, who is a first year student at the Faculty of International Relations, ADA University, has won a number of international competitions in Russia, USA, Kazakhstan and Serbia.

Multicultural Sonic Evolution (MuSE) was co-founded in 2007 directed by composer Yui Kitamura and percussionist Chihiro Shibayama. The competitions aims to better the world with the power of music.

Through its annual programming, MuSE collaborates with artists from various disciplines and backgrounds in hopes of sharing classical and popular forms of music with the public.

Each concert provides the core members of MuSE and talented soloists and chamber musicians a platform for sharing their craft.

Dancers, actors, film directors, animators and even kimono artists have been invited to collaborate with MuSE throughout the performance season.



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