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Azerbaijan’s famous artist Nigar Narimanbayova was named the best artist of the year 2016 in France and Europe


NigarNarimanbekova2016Famous Azerbaijani artist Nigar Narimanbayova, who lives and works in Paris has been awarded the prestigious “Golden Canvas Award” by France`s High Society Des Artistes Independants, Trend Life reported.

Moreover, the artist was named the best artist of the year 2016 in France and Europe.

“At the grand art project, ART EN CAPITAL 2015, which is traditionally held in the main exhibition hall of Paris- Grand Palais, my painting “the Adagio” has received the main prize and a world-class degree ” Golden Canvas”. I’m glad to receive the title ‘The best artist of the year 2015’ because I represent my native land-Azerbaijan”, said Narimanbayova.

The prize “Golden canvas ” was established in 1973 by The National Federation Of French Culture and is awarded to only one artist. Every year the salon of independent artists, Grand Palais presents more than 4,000 paintings from two thousand artists.

Noteworthy, Nigar Narimanbayov has again been invited to take part in the exhibition ART EN CAPITAL 2016, where she will present her new series of paintings “Love Toys”.

Nigar Narimanbayova, who lives and works in Paris and Baku, was graduated from Azerbaijan State Art School after Azim Azimzade and All-Union State Institute of Cinematography after Gerasimov in Moscow. She has participated in a number of national and international art exhibitions in France, Germany, Austria, and Azerbaijan.

Narimanbayova is a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan and the International Association of Art. Her paintings are displayed in the exhibition halls of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Museum of Art of Azerbaijan as well as in private collections.


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