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Azerbaijani artist featured in int’l art book presented at Art Expo New York

IMG_1416Young Azerbaijani artist Ilgar Talibov, who displayed his works as part of Emerging Visions exhibition in December 2015, was featured in the international art book presented at this year’s Art Expo New York. The book circulation is 45,000 copies.

The incredibly talented artist began his creativity journey as soon as he could hold a brush.

After winning his first art contest at age seven, Talibov continued to explore his own creative talents as he grew with age, eventually becoming a graphic designer and art director.

Inspired by the works of Cubists and Italian Futurist painters, Talibov considers his work to be a “Futuristic Cubism.” Though he was born at the tail end of the twentieth century, one could easily imagine Talibov at home with Picasso and Braque nearly a century earlier.

Every brush stroke on the canvas, each touch of color introduces thoughts and feelings of the artist, turning them into highly evocative geometric shapes. The paintings “Sunset” and “Green Apple” are the best examples of his art.

Extraordinary shapes and tons of bright and vibrant colors revive heart and soul of the viewer.

Many of his works are exhibited in Iran, Poland and UK.

Baku, where Ilgar Talibov was born and raised, is an ancient trading post city at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It was this environment of shared culture and ideas that fostered Talibov’s creative spirit.


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