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Azerbaijani Musicologist Aida Huseynova’s New Book “Music of Azerbaijan” Published in America

A book “Music of Azerbaijan” by Azerbaijan musicologist, Professor Aida Huseynova has been published in United States.

This book traces the development of Azerbaijani art music from its origins in the Eastern, modal, improvisational tradition known as mugham through its fusion with Western classical, jazz, and world art music.

Drawing on previously unstudied archives, letters, and documents as well as her experience as an Azerbaijani musician and educator, Huseynova shows how Azerbaijani musical development was not a product of Soviet cultural policies but rather grew from and reflected deep and complex cultural processes.

Aida Huseynova, Ph.D. is a musicologist from Azerbaijan currently teaching at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

Aida Huseynova’s books, articles, and multimedia projects have been published in Azerbaijan, the United States, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Russia. She has presented lectures on many campuses in the United States and Europe, including Indiana, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, Ohio State, Northwestern, Purdue Universities, University of Chicago, and Wisconsin-Madison, Dartmouth College as well as at Cambridge and York Universities in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the book is available online at


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