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U.S. delegation familiarizes with Azerbaijan’s Air Force Base

A U.S. delegation led by Hopper T. Smith, land component commander of the U.S. Oklahoma Army National Guard, is on a visit to Baku to discuss military cooperation.

During the meeting held at Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry, the parties exchanged views on strengthening of the cooperation in the sphere of the regional security, as well as discussed prospects for coordination of joint actions with the U.S. and NATO structure.

The guests have reviewed the staff and the specifics of combat duty, as well as the command post and military air assets.

After watching test flights performed by MIG-29 warplanes, the U.S. delegation expressed content with the conditions created for combat at the airbase.

Later, the guests visited the Main Clinic Hospital of the Armed Forces, met with the hospital’s leadership and medical staff. The U.S. delegation was informed about the hospital’s history and activities.

The guests were acquainted with the modern equipment, and operational units. In accordance with the cultural program, the U.S. delegation then visited the Museum of Azerbaijan Military History.

Azerbaijan leaves behind the CIS and regional countries to take its place among the first 70 strongest militaries of the world, according to the US-based Global Firepower survey center. The survey center has ranked the Azerbaijani army as 64 of 126 in the list of world’s strongest armies with a GFP Power Index rating of 1.5221.


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