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The government of Azerbaijan is committed to create advantageous environment for both local and international entrepreneurs

The government of Azerbaijan is committed to create advantageous environment for both local and international entrepreneurs with a view to back the non-oil sector.

Economy and Industry Minister Shahin Mustafayev said the country was able to create a favorable business and investment environment.

Mustafayev made the remark in Saatli region, where he mulled socio-economic issues and prospects of development of the city of Shirvan, as well as Saatli, Sabirabad, Imishli, Salyan and Hajigabul regions, the ministry reported.

During the meeting the chief executives of the regions and municipalities have provided information on the implementation of government programs and infrastructure projects, as well as the works carried out to improve the labor activity of the population and the expansion of business activities.

The minister said that despite the difficult political and economic processes in the world, the fact that many countries faced with serious economic, financial and social problems, measures taken in Azerbaijan allowed the national economy to further show stability.

Despite a decline in revenues, all social programs continue to be implemented in the country, he said adding that at this stage, the development of non-oil sectors is priority and regions have great potential for this.

“Infrastructure projects that meet modern requirements have been implemented recently to enhance the economic potential of the regions. Thatnks to the state support, several enterprises based on advanced technology were created, workplaces were opened and other significant events were held,” said Mustafayev.

He further noted that President Ilham Aliyev outlined the important tasks to ensure sustainable economic development in the current environment.

In this regard, the heads of regions and municipalities should implement a large task, Mustafayev said.

Azerbaijan is currently developing projects on creation of industrial parks that will create new jobs in the regions. Experts believe that these projects will enable the population to return from the capital back to the regions and work here, which in turn will revive the regions.

Moreover, the new facilities will help Azerbaijan to provide itself with products in need and even export some production. In addition, the country plans to increase support to agriculture to ensure food security and also create new workplaces.

The country has already facilitated rules to start business, as well as reduced the number of examinations for two years.

The World Bank has predicted economic growth in Azerbaijan to amount to 0.8 percent this year and 1.2 percent in 2017, while forecast for global economy is 2.9 percent growth in 2016 and 3.1 percent in 2017.


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