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YARAT Contemporary Art Space is launching YARAT FreeStyle

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is launching YARAT FreeStyle, an open platform for everyone who looks to engage creatively with a broad and diverse audience.

YARAT FreeStyle aims to set up a scene for creative groups and individuals and is open to actors, dancers, performance artists, musicians and other cultural practitioners. Anyone with a project or an idea can reach out to YARAT.

YARAT Freestyle offers: a comfortable venue equipped with a stage, sound equipment and projector; AV technical support; PR support of their project; new audience and professional views

YARAT FreeStyle events are free and open to the public and no financial remuneration is offered to the participants.

YARAT will not provide with any additional equipment on top of what is present in our multifunctional room. Participants will be expected to procure their own stage props, costumes or decorations should they need them.

The first event of YARAT FreeStyle is a three-day professional training for actors, which will take place on November 13-15 and will be led by a Russian actor and educator Alexandr Dzuba.

Participants also have an opportunity to join a live jazz session by Gabrielle Stravelli’s band organized by US Embassy on November 18.


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