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Leyla Aliyeva receives Pushkin Medal of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on awarding Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation with the Medal of Pushkin.

Aliyeva was awarded for her contribution to strengthening Azerbaijan’s friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation, the development of economic ties, the preservation and popularization of the Russian language and culture abroad.

The Medal of Pushkin is awarded for socio-humanitarian activities and achievements in the arts and culture, education, humanities and literature, for great contributions to the study and preservation of the cultural heritage, in the rapprochement and mutual enrichment of cultures of nations and peoples, for the creation of highly artistic images.

In December 2013, Leyla Aliyeva was also honored with the Order of the Holy Equal to the Apostles Duchess Olga of the third degree for her contribution to the construction of a monument for Saint Prince Vladimir in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan, and her role in strengthening the friendship between Russia and Azerbaijan.


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