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USACC Discusses Healthcare Business Opportunities in Azerbaijan

On September 18, 2015, USACC, in cooperation with LiftOff Health, accelerator for healthcare innovation, held a roundtable presentation on Healthcare Business Opportunities in Azerbaijan.

The event brought together representatives of local and international healthcare, medical and IT companies, investment specialists with the aim of exploring healthcare and medical partnership opportunities between U.S. and Azerbaijan.

USACC Executive Director Susan Sadigova opened the discussion and briefed the participants about the current state of healthcare sector in Azerbaijan and went on to elaborate on vital topics of business opportunities in Azerbaijan with focus on healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology. Ms. Sadigova particularly highlighted the recent developments in the country and government incentives within industrial parks such as High-Tech Park of Azerbaijan and Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park.

The presentation was followed by the Q&A session. The participants were mainly interested in finding out about opportunities in tele-medicine, medical IT, medical tourism, and intelligent healthcare IT solutions in Azerbaijan.

Source: USACC


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