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Azerbaijani diplomat responds to The Washington Post` biased article on Azerbaijan

Political officer for the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the US Samira Safarova has responded to The Washington Post` “Azerbaijan`s injustice” article.

Safarova’s letter published by The Washington Post reads:

“The Post’s heightened attention to and frequent coverage of Azerbaijan over the past year may be flattering for a country of its size; however, the one-dimensional nature of the coverage, including in the Aug. 17 editorial “Azerbaijan’s injustice,” is disappointing.

The administration of justice plays an important role in any society. Therefore, even if one disagrees with the initial verdict, a case should be allowed to make its way through the judicial system, including appellate courts, a notion certainly familiar to many in the United States. Summarily dismissing the prosecution’s argument solely for ideological reasons is hardly beneficial for civil society development.

As for the people-to-people contacts, it is the Azerbaijani side that insists on meetings between the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities of Nagorno-Karabakh , an area illegally occupied by Armenia. The reasons for Armenia’s rejection of such a dialogue as well as other developments in our strategically important region deserve more complex and multidimensional coverage than what we have seen so far.”



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