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Mayor of Capital City of U.S State of Connecticut has declared May 28, 2015 as Day of Azerbaijan in Hartford

ProclamationHartfordConnecticut’s Capital City of Hartford declares May 28, 2015 as “Day of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan” In the City of Hartford.

Hartford mayor Pedro E. Segarra signed a proclamation announcing the May 28 as Day of Azerbaijan in Hartford.

Proclamation states:

Every year Azerbaijanis around the globe observe the 28th of May as Azerbaijani National Day to remember the contributions of their forefathers in the spread of democracy in the Caucasus region, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The Republic of Azerbaijan was established on May 28, 1918 and became the first secular democratic republic in the Turkic and Muslim world.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is an active member of the NATO partnership for Peace program, and Azerbaijani troops stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in peacekeeping operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Azerbaijani Americans are an ethnic community with recognized presence in the City of Hartford actively contributing to regional diversity intercultural understanding, peace and prosperity. – Azerbaijani News and Informational website was founded in the State of Connecticut in 2009 covering all the latest news on Azerbaijani-U.S relations and the latest Azerbaijani community news and events.

The Azerbaijani community celebrates its 97th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Proclamation was submitted to the founder of Asif Aliyev.

Mayor of Hartford

Hartford mayor Pedro E. Segarra

ConnecticutAzerbaijanis (20) Azerbaijanis in Hartford

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