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Azerbaijan’s National Leader remembered in Los Angeles

HeydarAliyevOn the occasion of the 92nd birthday of the late President of Azerbaijan and its National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the Consulate General of Azerbaijan hosted an event in Los Angeles on May 6, 2015. Titled “Heydar Aliyev: Story of a Visionary Leader and True Statesman,” the event was attended by officials of the Los Angeles County, foreign diplomats, representatives of academia, culture and mass media, members of the Azerbaijani and other communities.

Welcoming the guests, Consul General Nasimi Aghayev spoke about the extraordinary life path of Heydar Aliyev and his outstanding role and tireless work in the preservation and strengthening of Azerbaijan’s independent and sovereign statehood. He noted that the timely return of Heydar Aliyev to power in 1993 shielded Azerbaijan from potential fragmentation. Highlighting the many difficult challenges the National Leader faced in preserving Azerbaijan’s independence and how masterfully he overcame them, the Consul General said that the memory of Heydar Aliyev will always live in the hearts of the Azerbaijani people. “Continuing the policies set forth by the National Leader, President Ilham Aliyev has taken many measures that have enabled Azerbaijan to undergo a tremendous transformation to become the largest economy in the region and one of the most rapidly developing and modernizing countries in the world”, said Aghayev.

Speaking afterwards, Dr. Yzhar Charuzi, one of the renowned cardiologists of Los Angeles and professor of medicine at UCLA, shared his impressions of Azerbaijan, its development and long-standing traditions of tolerance. Dr. Charuzi characterized the attention and care by Azerbaijan’s government to the country’s various religious communities as exemplary. It was noted that the foundation of Azerbaijan’s government policy of tolerance and multiculturalism was laid by Heydar Aliyev.

The activist of the Azerbaijani community of Los Angeles Mr Pirouz Khanlou spoke of his personal encounters with Heydar Aliyev. He mentioned that being a great leader and statesman, Heydar Aliyev also had a very strong sense of humor, sharp mind and impressive ability to understand people.

The event continued with musical performance and photo exhibition.

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