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Silk Road Conference in Chicago discusses energy and transportation opportunities

Chicago hosted the 10th annual Silk Road Conference, organized by Northern Illinois University and Central Asian Productivity Research Center.

The conference, attended by the representatives from China, Central and South Asian states, Azerbaijan and Turkey, has discussed the energy, transport and business opportunities of the Silk Road countries.

Chief of the department of Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Reha Aykul informed about opportunities in the energy and transport corridor of Turkey, stressing the role of Azerbaijan in implementation of TANAP project, as well ensuring Europe’s natural gas markets.

Counselor of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington Nurgali Arystanov, stressed the importance of Azerbaijan in the implementation of key transport and transit projects passing from his country to Europe.

Natiq Bakhishov, Counselor of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Washington informed the participants about the key energy and transport projects in the region, such as “South” gas corridor, The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, Baku International Sea Trade Port, implemente with the Azerbaijan’s leading role.

The executive director of the “West Coast Connections” business consulting company Elshan Baloglanov presented “IClas” Project, based on US experience in teaching over the Internet for newly emerged businesses and businessmen of Central and South Asia, the Caucasus, South and South-East Asian countries.

This year’s conference was sponsored by Azerbaijan’s “Silkway Airlines” and “Turkish Airlines”.


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