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Mingachevir invites all canoe fans

MingachevirThe young industrial city of Azerbaijan, Mingachevir, is a must visit this June, as it will host canoe and rowing competitions as part of the inaugural Baku 2015 European Games.

Located in the picturesque landscape of the Kura River, Mingachevir is about a 4-5 hours drive from Baku. The city is well known for its water reservoir that covers an area of 605 square kilometers.

This largest body of water was formed by damming the Kura river. The Mingachevir hydroelectric power station was built in 1953, providing the city not only with energy and irrigation, but also with a pleasant artificial lake and a nice beach.

Mingachevir, today the fourth largest city in Azerbaijan by population, started its growth after the construction of the reservoir. This influenced the city’s design – it is now full of modern buildings with interesting architecture, including a large new mosque.

Despite the fact that Mingachevir is a young city, it was named after prominent leader of Turk origin Mingichovr. Archeological excavations have shown that the earliest human settlements dates back to the 6-3 centuries BC.

Scientists found the remains of an ancient place of worship near the city. The remains of ancient religion structures have attracting much attention with its symbolic picture of two peacocks being inverted to flower – tree of life. It was made out of soft rock of yellow color, with an Albanian legend graven on its top. Greek, Roman and Sasanian coins were also found there and can be traced back to the 5-6 centuries.

In Mingachevir, tourists prefer to visit the artificial lake, restaurants and tea houses near Kura.

The bank of Kura River is also home to the Azerbaijan Canoe Sprint and Rowing Teams. The “Kur” Sport and Rowing Center is the national Olympic training center. The facility stands at a perfect location and it has attracted athletes from over the world.

This June, “Kur” Center will host a three days long canoe sprint competition starting from June 14.

Fifteen medals will be played here within 350 athletes. The center provides a grand stand for 1,274 spectaculars.

Try some of the delicious local food and enjoy the competition in Mingachevir this June!

Nigar Orujova


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