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Azerbaijan’s picturesque region Gadabay to be presented in Baku

As part of the project “From the regions to the capital” organized by Baku Culture and Tourism Department in order to familiarize Azerbaijanis as well as foreign tourists with country’s rich culture and traditions, an event will be held at the Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre located on the Nizami street, 72.

This time organizers have decided to devote the event to one of the country most picturesque regions – Gadabay. The event organized by Baku Culture and Tourism Department and Gadabay Culture and Tourism Department will be held on April 27.

The main goal of such activities is to familiarize Baku residents as well as its tourists with Azerbaijan regions’ socio-economic development, rich culture and traditions.

Gadabay is very beautiful region with its fresh air, and spectacular nature. The region is surrounded with mountain forests and poppy fields. Near Gadabay there is Slavyanka village, which is famous for its famous healthy carbonated water sources as Narzan and Mor-Mor.

The area called Shahzada is a place you must visit. The 18-20 height meters ice waterfall will cool your body in a hot summer day.

The region is famous for its hand embroidery, carpet weaving, wood and metal carving.

Monuments in Gadabay region are an integral part of the Azerbaijani culture, known here as Gadabay-Khojaly culture.

Koroglu Castle related to the 18th century is a grandiose showplace of Gadabay region. The castle’s walls are one meter thick and the monument has a strategic location. Another must see place in the region is Giz Galasi also known as the Maiden Tower.

By Amina Nazarli



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