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Visitors of Baku 2015 to be safe and sound

BakuEuro2015As Azerbaijan is getting ready to welcome great many visitors ahead of the Baku 2015 European Games, the country has already set up all the adequate facilities to provide athletes and guests appropriate medical care and safety requirements.

The Clinical Medical Center, Baku Health Center and Mingachevir City Central Hospital are all standing ready to cater to the needs of all guests and athletes, the Health Ministry reported on April 21.

Chief of Staff at the Ministry, Zakiya Mustafayeva stated to that regard, “All the necessary conditions have been created in other city clinical hospitals and specialized stationary medical institutions.”

“Moreover, 100 ambulances with modern equipment were purchased, and English language courses held for emergency paramedic,” she said.

The National Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology was equipped with the necessary reagents to ensure the safety of water and food.

In addition, during the event, to be held in regions of Azerbaijan connected with the torching ceremony, ambulances will be on duty on every sports field and doctors in hospitals, Minister of Health Oktay Shiraliyev said on April 21.

He said the ministry informed the region’s health management of all activities that will take place within the framework of the first European Games.

Guests of Baku 2015 will also be secured, as the safety of the European Games will be provided at the highest level, Minister of National Security Eldar Mahmudov said on April 20.

Azerbaijan is inviting all sports fans and tourists to visit the multi-sport event that will be held in Baku and Mingachevir on June 12-28. Over 6,000 sportsmen from 50 countries will compete in the Land of Fire in 20 sports.

The capital city is practically ready to host the historic event. New and reconstructed sport facilities are opening every day now.

During the European Games, Baku public transport will move to a 20-hour operation, the Transport Ministry reported.

While residents will be offered the ample parking space during the Games as all sports facilities have been designed to welcome hundreds of visitors at any one time, visitors will have to ensure that they park their vehicle in designated areas or risk incurring a hefty fine, Baku Executive Power said. In some instances, vehicles will be forcibly removed.

Residents will be able to enjoy special public transport, which will bring them back and from the events.

Three hundred new buses will be used during the 17 days competition to transport spectators. Car owners with tickets for the event will be able to park their cars at special parking lots, and then reach the competition venue by express buses.


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