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History Museum enriches its collection with ancient finding

The History Museum of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has enriched its collection with a new pretty interesting finding, among which a bronze ring, a statement from the museum read.

The ancient findings date back to the 17th-19th centuries according to PhD in History, Nasir Guluzadeh.
The ring was accidentally found in the village of Giziloba in the Tartar district and then transferred to the museum. The diameter of the stone stands at 18 mm and its length at 21 mm.
The discovery dates back to the 17th-19th centuries, confirmed Guluzadeh.
Decoration consists of a ring, the lateral section of which has a rhombic shape, and the flat sheet-like stone. Some seven circles with a dot in the center were engraved on the surface of the stone.
According to the museum, the archaeological material is very valuable finding in terms of learning the welfare and metalworking art of the represented era.
Earlier, the museum collected a huge number of discoveries – some 73 new archaeological findings including pottery pitchers, sling stones and bricks made of clay dating back to the V-IV millennium B.C. The findings have also been presented by Nasir Guluzadeh.
Moreover, thirty gold products were discovered in Azerbaijan — Masalli, Agstafa, Tovuz, Goranboy, Ismayilli and Oguz regions — during archaeological excavations over the past years.
The oldest archaeological objects are 4,000 years old.


by Amina Nazarli


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