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Delicious Azerbaijani Sweets: Pakhlava, Shekerbura and Shor-gogal in USA & Canada


The following links to the websites will get you into holiday spirit and where you can also order delicious pakhlava, shorgogal and shekerbura in U.S and Canada.

Flavors of Baku

Flavors of Baku one of the best website about Azerbaijani Cuisine based in LA, California where you can also order delicious pakhlava, shor-gogal and shekerbura.


The House of Dusbara

The “House of Dushbara” is an Azerbaijani online cafe. Here you can order Dushbara and other popular and traditional Azerbaijani dishes such as Gutab, Gurza, Dolma (grape leaf, cabbage & egglant/tomato/bell pepper) and sweets such as Shekerbura, Pakhlava, Qoqal.


With Love By Aygun

Exclusive wedding and gift baskets, traditional Azerbaijani (and Caucasian) dolls, and candy buckets embellished with traditional ornaments. Shekerbura, Pakhlava, Qoqal.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Phone: (905) 737 5010


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