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Milli Majlis hosts hearing on Azerbaijani-U.S. relations

The Committee for International and Interparliamentary Relations of the Milli Majlis, Azerbaijan`s parliament, has hosted “Azerbaijani-U.S. relations in the context of human rights, energy and security issues” hearing.Participants in the hearing included MPs, heads of political parties and NGOs, and experts.Chairman of the parliamentary Committee for International and Interparliamentary Relations Samad Seyidov highlighted the history of Azerbaijani-U.S. ties. “The relations between Azerbaijan and the USA are based on strategic ties,” he said. “In 1994, our relations entered a new era.” Mr Seyidov said the signing of the Contract of the Century and the then U.S. President Bill Clinton`s assistance in realizing this project demonstrated “how much importance official Washington puts on Azerbaijan”. “Azerbaijan fully expressed its support for the United States following the 2001 September terrorist attacks. Azerbaijani servicemen have been fighting together with American soldiers against terrorism as part of international anti-terror coalition.”“Against the background of these excellent relations, certainly Azerbaijan has its own expectations from the USA, and Washington`s attitude towards the fact of occupation of part of Azerbaijan`s lands is the most important among these.”“The USA`s activity as a Minsk Group co-chair country is a serious factor impacting on our relations.”He said Azerbaijan expects serious efforts of Washington towards eliminating a selective, double standard approach to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan also pins hopes on the USA`s role, importance and influence concerning the establishment of international law in relation to Azerbaijan in international organizations, particularly the UN and OSCE,” said Mr Seyidov.Other speakers included chairman of Economic and Social Development Center Vugar Bayramov, professor at the State Public Management Academy under the President of Azerbaijan Elman Nasirov, MP Chingiz Ganizade, deputy Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party Siyavush Novruzov, deputy chairperson of the parliamentary Committee for International and Interparliamentary Relations Sevinj Fataliyeva, MPs Asim Mollazade, Ganira Pashayeva, Zahid Oruj, Gudrat Hasanguliyev, Fazail Aghamalı, Azay Quliyev and heads of political parties and NGOs. They said Washington`s taking a double standard approach to Azerbaijan contradicts the spirit of strategic relations between the two countries and the USA`s activity as a Minks Group co-chair country. The speakers said Azerbaijan could serve as an example to other countries in terms of democratic values. They said the USA`s biased attitude towards Azerbaijan is negatively impacting on the bilateral ties.



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