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Senate of the U.S.’ Colorado State has expressed strong support for Azerbaijan and the U.S.-Azerbaijan relations

Colorado State Senate voices strong support for Azerbaijan, embarrassing Armenian lobby’s fiasco.

Colorado State Senate presented a statement expressing strong support for Azerbaijan on January 29, the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles reported.

Signed by Senate President Bill Cadman, the statement was solemnly presented on the Senate Floor to Nasimi Aghayev, Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles.

Senator Larry Crowder noted that today the United States cannot fight alone effectively against global problems such as international terrorism. He stressed in this regard the importance of staunchly supporting America’s allies in the world.

In this vein, Senator Crowder presented the said statement expressing support for Azerbaijan.

The Senate affirmed “the expanding relationship between the United States and Azerbaijan over the past two decades, cooperating on matters of energy security, the fight against international terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” according to the statement.

The statement mentioned that “Azerbaijan was one of the first countries to render unconditional assistance to the United States after the terror attacks of 9/11, opening its airspace and airports for the use by coalition troops in Afghanistan and sending its soldiers to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. troops there.”

The document concluded by extending “warmest welcome to Azerbaijan’s Consul General” and expressing the great importance of “expanding relations in all spheres, including trade, cultural, and educational exchange” between Azerbaijan and the State of Colorado.

Before the presentation, the Armenian lobby in the U.S. launched a nation-wide campaign to derail the recognition of Azerbaijan on the Senate Floor and the expression of support by Colorado for U.S.-Azerbaijan friendship and cooperation.

However this special interest group, which advocates for Armenia’s corrupt and abusive government, and supports the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan’s lands by Armenia utterly failed, the Consulate said.

By not succumbing to the pressure from a noxious special interest group, the Colorado Senators demonstrated visionary statesmanship and principled stance on America’s values and national interests, the Consulate said.

Since Azerbaijan’s emergence as an independent nation in 1991, the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship has evolved into a strategic partnership based on mutual interests and common values.

At present, Azerbaijan-U.S. relations are developing rapidly.



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