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“Nabat” has been screened at the 26th Palm Springs International Film Festival in Los Angeles

NabatAzerbaijaniMovieThe feature film “Nabat” by Azerbaijani film director Elchin Musaoglu has been screened at the 26th Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The film included in “Award Buzz” program of the festival was demonstrated at the “Palm Springs Regal” in Los Angeles. Next showing will be held at the “Palm Canyon Theatre” on January 6.

With more than 192 films being shown across 11 days, the Film Festival will last till January 12.

The film was shot in 2014. It is dedicated to Karabakh war, which resulted after Armenia’s unjustified territorial claims against Azerbaijan.

Elchin Musaoglu who has directed more than 50 documentaries and feature films decided to make this film after being impressed by a true story told by one of his friend.

The story revolves around a village’s residents who are forced to leave their homes because of an ongoing battle. But there is an old woman who refuses to leave her family members buried in the village.

In his interviews, the director said, in all conflicts, this is the mothers who suffer the most.

“Paradise must be found beneath the mother’s feet. I sincerely believe that if the mothers were in charge, the world would be a better place,” Elchin Musaoglu , the winner of “The Best Foreign Film” prize at the 42th Houston International Film Festival in Texas in 2009 said.

The full-length feature film was awarded with many other prizes in many influential festivals. It was screened at 71st Venice International Film Festival in Italy. The film was also presented in the 27th International Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan. Earlier this month, the film was screened at the 50th Chicago International film festival.



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