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Biased statements negatively impact on Azerbaijan-U.S. relations

“Azerbaijan has normal relations with the U.S. Further development of these relations is one of the key priorities in Azerbaijan’s policy. But some persons sometimes make various statements that distort Azerbaijani realities. The biased statements negatively impact on relations between our countries,” said Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman-Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov.

“This kind of statements aimed at casting shadow on realities in Azerbaijan is condemned by our society,” he noted.

Mr Ahmadov said Azerbaijan’s foremost expectation from the newly appointed ambassador is that the U.S. will ramp up efforts to settle the conflict and express realities in properly.

“The ambassador must provide to his country the kind of information that is more authentic, unbiased, accurate, and just. He needs to work so that statements made by representatives of different U.S. states wouldn’t stand out with injustice.”



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