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The legendary American Jazz singer will give a concert in Baku

SaxophoneThe legendary American Jazz singer, Robert “Bobby” McFerrin will give a concert in Baku on February 28.

The grandiose concert of the ten- time “Grammy” award winner will be held at 20:00 at the Heydar Aliyev Palace.

The address of the event is Bul-Bul prospect, 35. The cost of the tickets is 100-200 manats.

Robert is an American vocalist and conductor. He is best known for his 1988 hit song “Do not worry, Be Happy”.

As early as 1992, widespread rumors circulated that falsely claimed McFerrin committed suicide. The rumors intentionally made fun of the distinctly positive nature of his popular song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by claiming McFerrin ironically took his own life.

The song became a hit and brought him widespread recognition across the world. Its success “ended McFerrin’s musical life as he had known it,” and he began to pursue other musical possibilities on stage and in recording studios.

The great musician is known for his unique vocal techniques, including giving the illusion of polyphony by singing an accompaniment alongside the melody, making use of percussive effects and making large jumps in pitch; as well as improvising much of his performed music, including melody, chords and sounds in a form of scat singing.

Robert is also known for having performed and recorded regularly as an unaccompanied solo vocal artist. He has frequently collaborated with other artists, from both the jazz and classical scenes.

In addition to his vocal performing career, McFerrin was appointed in 1994, as creative chair of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. He makes regular tours as a guest conductor for symphony orchestras throughout the United States and Canada

McFerrin also participates in various music education programs and makes volunteer appearances as a guest music teacher and lecturer at public schools throughout the U.S. McFerrin has collaborated with his son, Taylor, on various musical ventures.



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