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Baku is 200 days closer to European Games – Baku 2015

BakuEuro2015200daysBaku is passionately waiting for the Baku 2015 European Games that will captivate the whole country in less than 200 days.

A magnificent show held at the iconic symbol of the city, the Maiden Tower, on November 26 suggests more fantastic performances are expected in June with the most grandiose opening and closing ceremonies at the brand new Olympic Stadium.

Baku is happy for being granted the opportunity to host more than 6,000 athletes as well as 3,000 accompanying staff from the National Olympic Committees of Europe across 17 days of competition, in what will be the largest sporting event in Azerbaijan’s history.

“ 200 days to go” event held at the Old City presented the capital the mascots of the games and all the 20 sports that were included into the program of the inaugural competition, at the ancient walls of the Maiden Tower by means of the laser show.

The event attracted not only passersby but also many youngsters who were waiting for the bright show. Thus, the iconic place that was flooded with lights.

Baku 2015 Commercial Director Charlie Wijeratna said: “200 days are left to first European Games. We introduced the characters of this great sporting event. Now, as the countdown for the opening ceremony of the games started, such activities will be conducted on a regular basis.”

“We want to show the world the European Games in 2015 and Baku which is rich in terms of its beautiful architectural monuments including the Maiden’s Tower,” he noted.

The Commercial Director also gave some reports on the rapidly ongoing preparations for the forthcoming games.

A series of events around the city of Baku are expected to be held before the start of the fist European Games.



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