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Monograph by Jamil Hasanli Issued in US

Harvard University published a monograph by the famous Azerbaijani historian, Professor Jamil Hasanli, Khrushchev’s Thaw and National Identity in Soviet Azerbaijan, 1954-1959.

Jamil Hasanli told Turan the monograph tells the story of the political processes in Azerbaijan after the death of Stalin, in particular, the reforms of Khrushchev, the decisions of the XX Congress of the Communist Party, on the political infighting in the Kremlin, and the impact of these processes on the Soviet Azerbaijan.

The monograph investigated many little-known facts of the period, such as a secret order of Marshal Zhukov not to take the Azerbaijanis to the Higher Military Academy, and about the direction of only Slavs to the service in the Soviet troops deployed abroad, as well as assault troops.

The book noted that in 1956 the Constitution of the republic included a special article that Azerbaijani is the state language.

The book revealed many little-known facts about the socio-political life in postwar Azerbaijan, on the role of the Soviet party leaders, and their attitude towards Azerbaijan.

The Carnegie Endowment expert Thomas de Waal commended the work by Jamil Hasanli, calling him a well-known historian. “His archival work and command of sources have delivered a fascinating and original text, this time a book covering a blank spot in the historiography of Azerbaijan: the period of the Khrushchev thaw. Khrushchev’s Thaw and National Identity in Soviet Azerbaijan, 1954–1959 will be essential reading for anyone interested in the twentieth-century history of the Caucasus,” he wrote.


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