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The U.S. congressman highlighted Azerbaijan’s strategic importance for the United States

U.S. lawmaker highlights Azerbaijan’s importance for Washington.

Congressman Henry Cuellar, in his letter addressed to U.S. President Barack Obama, underscored the importance of deepening relations with Azerbaijan.

Stressing the strategic importance of Azerbaijan, Cuellar said the country is an important ally for Iran, Afghanistan and Serbia, as well as a major transportation hub for Afghanistan. Also, Azerbaijan contributes to the energy security of Europe, Turkey, Georgia and Israel, the congressman said.

Cuellar believes there is great potential for the development of relations between the U.S. and Azerbaijan in the area of security and economy.

“Given all these, the deepening of relations with Azerbaijan, which is a developed country in terms of geopolitics and economics, should be a priority,” he said.

Since Azerbaijan’s emergence as an independent nation in 1991, the U.S.-Azerbaijan relationship has evolved into a strategic partnership based on mutual interests and common values.

At present, Azerbaijan-U.S. relations are developing rapidly.



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